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Archiving Swiss Video Games – Stakes and Challenges

Magalie Vetter donnera une conférence intitulée «Archiving Swiss Video Games – Stakes and Challenges» le 27 octobre 2023 de 18h à 19h30. Cela se passera dans la bibliothèque centrale de Zürich, Hermann-Escher-Saal.

Voici le résumé de la conférence :

Video games are currently at great risk of loss and obsolescence. We’ve witnessed the complete erasure of entire game catalogs in an instant. However, the preservation and full archiving of digital media presents significant challenges. Legal regulations further complicate these efforts.

Video games are a vital aspect of our cultural practices today and will offer valuable insights for understanding societal trends in the future. They also serve as invaluable resources for future creators. It’s crucial that we take action now to safeguard this essential heritage.